October 6-8, 2022 // Washington, D.C.

ROMBA 2021 Agenda - Pre-MBA Alumni (All times in CT)

12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Finding Your Fit

Once you decide to pursue an MBA, your options seem endless. Knowing your values from the beginning will cut through the noise and help you succeed on your journey. This is a guided session where we will read beyond the rankings to evaluate what program is the right fit for your values, profile, and desired outcomes from your education.

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1:30 pm Duration 60 min

Navigating the North American MBA System

For International students, obtaining an MBA in the U.S. poses unique challenges. Learn how to tap into your unique background and navigate challenges for those applying from abroad.

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

Pre-MBA and current MBA Meetup

Pre-MBAs can connect with current MBAs to learn about how they selected their shortlist of programs, the applications process and interviews, and to find out what it’s really like to be LGBT+ in Business School.

12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Telling Your Story

There is no one “right” MBA candidate. Admissions committees are looking to build diverse cohorts, with each student bringing their unique background, values, and identity. This session will focus on storytelling techniques, knowing your audience, and leveraging your story in the application process.

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1:30 pm Duration 60 min

Communicating and Cultivating Relationships through the Application Process

Let’s demystify relationship cultivation! Hear from these networking rock stars on how to manage the process from end to end. We’ll discuss where to look for new contacts, how to engage them, navigating the conversation, maintaining, and then leveraging your network to achieve your academic goals and beyond.
3:00 pm Duration 90 min

Pre-MBA and Business School Networking

This is an opportunity for those considering an MBA to meet with representatives from more than 60 top B-schools in our Fellowship program. Find out about different programs you’re interested in, and get one step closer to finding your perfect fit!

Pre-MBA Office Hours

For any Pre-MBAs that have general questions about Reaching Out, the Fellowship Program, or how to tap in to the LGBT+ business network, drop-in to our office hours where staff will be available to assist you.