October 6-8, 2022 // Washington, D.C.

ROMBA 2022 Agenda

2:00 pm Duration 360 min

Attendee Registration/Check-in

Your first stop! Check in to receive your conference badge and welcome bag.

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Day in the Life: Consulting

In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to break into small groups with current consultants to ask questions and hear about the ins and outs of a day on the job – and how that has changed in 2022!

Recruiting at ROMBA

Get ready for the first in-person ROMBA Conference in three years! Past attendees share insights on how to navigate recruiting at ROMBA: who to talk to, what questions to ask, and how to get yourself closer to an internship or full-time offer.

Social Impact Intrapreneurship: Making Social Impact a Part of Your Career

Are you interested in becoming a more mission-oriented leader within your organization? Is social impact important to you, but you don’t necessarily want to work only in social impact? Join us as we discuss how to become an intrapreneur within your organization and create social impact. Panelists will share insights on creating genuine community outreach, effectively leveraging ERGs, and becoming a social impact intrapreneur within your current role.

Investment Banking Recruiting

Investment Banking requires a special combination of skills – as much qualitative as quantitative. During this conversation, we’ll hear from panelists from both business/finance and liberal arts backgrounds. They will share anecdotes on how they leveraged their strengths to navigate the IB recruiting process, and offer advice on when and how to begin preparing technical questions, strategies to choose placements, and how to sustain momentum through the summer internship into that full-time offer.

4:15 pm Duration 90 min

Ace the Case

Are you interested in becoming a consultant? The case interview is an integral portion of the interview process for both the internship and full-time position. PwC will lead their annual session providing frameworks and best practices to help you ‘ace the case’. This 90-minute interactive workshop provides you the chance to hear from experts and ask any and questions so you leave prepared for your upcoming interviews.

4:15 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Advice for Career Switchers

How do you apply your previous work experience and transferable skills toward a new career path? Hear from those who’ve navigated successfully from finance to consulting, from marketing to tech – and how you can do the same!

Navigating Intersectional Identities for Women

When we talk about the LGBTQ+ community, oftentimes we group together people who may hold very distinct and independent identities, and therefore their lived experiences and ways of moving through the world look and feel very different to that of others. Join us for a exploration into the many intersectionalities queer women hold – our genders, our sexual orientations, our races and more – so we can amplify all our collective voices, centering on those that are most marginalized and giving them a powerful platform.

How to Leverage your LGBTQ+ Network

Your first job out of business school is only the beginning of your career; where you go and how quickly you advance can heavily depend on your network. In this session, you will learn strategies on how to organically leverage your LGBTQ+ network from B school, ROMBA, and ERGs to increase career opportunities and accelerate career progression.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Session Directors Reception

A chance for 2022 Session Directors to mix and mingle with each other and Reaching Out staff. Light bites and drinks will be served!

6:30 pm Duration 60 min

Fellows Reception

This reception brings together our ROMBA Fellows from this and past years. Emerald, Diamond, and Underwriting partners are also invited to join this talented group!

7:30 pm Duration 90 min

Welcome Reception

Join us for the official opening of the 2022 ROMBA Conference! This year’s theme is Look Back, Act Forward. At this, our 25th ROMBA Conference, we celebrate the achievements of our history and look forward to all that is to come. Enjoy light bites and cocktails as you see old friends, meet new ones, and kick off the conference in style.

8:00 am Duration 600 min

Attendee Check-in

Your first stop! Check in to receive your conference badge and welcome bag.

8:00 am Duration 600 min

Interview Zone

Did you know that 60% of companies at the ROMBA Conference hold either coffee chats/informational conversations or interviews with LGBTQ+ MBAs and other grads at the event? These conversations and interviews are by invite only and many invitations are sourced from our GradLeaders jobs board — so get your resume in the database asap (hint: some companies don’t post jobs but do screen through the resumes!)

8:00 am Duration 75 min

Breakfast & Opening Keynote Panel

Begin the first full day of ROMBA with a hearty breakfast. More information on program and speakers to come.

9:30 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Consulting Recruiting 101

Dinners and happy hours aside, recruiting for consulting positions can be grueling and overwhelming. This session will demystify the process by covering the basics, including firm/office/industry selection considerations, crafting your story, networking best practices, how to ask the tough questions, how to cope with recruiting stress, and recruiting from a non-traditional background.

Careers in Tech

“Tech” jobs are more than just technical. Companies of all sizes and across nearly every industry are offering tech-adjacent MBA roles in product development and management, strategy, finance, operations, and more. Attend this session to learn about the variety of modern roles in tech, what skill sets are best suited for these roles, and what the day-to-day looks like for those currently working in these positions.

Non-Traditional Paths for your MBA

Hear from professionals who took the road less traveled in achieving their MBA, and those who have applied their degree to less traditional career paths.

Day in the Life: Finance

Money may make the world go ’round, but investment banking is not the only finance career path for MBA grads! Talk to professionals in finance from a variety of career paths about what a day in the life is really like, and how to prepare for successful recruiting.

Careers in Healthcare

Are you looking to pursue a career in healthcare but not sure where you fit in best? Learn from a diverse range of professionals within the industry about different ways to apply your skills and passion in healthcare.

Only the Sustainable Survive

Sustainability has become a key concern not only for business but for the future health of our planet as a whole. Innovation in developing sustainable products and practices is evident across all fields. This conversation will explore how businesses are leading these efforts and their impact on consumers, stakeholders, and employees – and what’s next in this exciting landscape.

Product Management: Fact vs. Fiction

Product Management – for both tech and non-tech companies – has become one of the fastest-growing career paths for current MBA Students. In this session, we’ll cover the facts versus fiction when making the shift to Product Management, including the most common interview questions you may face in interviews.

10:45 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Getting from Zero to One: Creating & Refining Your Minimum Viable Product

How do you go from idea to a tangible product? How do you determine if your idea is of value? During this session, we’ll hear from a panel of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs about their journey from having an idea to building their MVP, conducting customer discovery, and finding product market fit. This session will also discuss ways to build your startup using design thinking and lean startup principles.

Fintech: NFTs, Crypto, and More! 

It seems like every Gen-Z’er, WSJ article, and VC fund is buzzing about these new frontiers. In this session, we’ll examine NFTs, crypto, and robo-investing. From the basics through to the latest trends, learn about how these are impacting the world of finance and beyond.

The Future of Healthcare

The pandemic has resulted in an enormous rise in remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and digital health platforms that provide opportunities to reach people that previously had limited/no access to healthcare. This panel will explore strategies adopted by existing players as well as new entrants in adapting to the changing landscape of an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

The Subtlety of Language: Allyship for our Trans Colleagues

Since language is the primary way we communicate with each other, it has the ability to signal respect and inclusion while also having the capacity to dehumanize and degrade us. During this conversation, we’ll share ways to deepen allyship for our trans and non-binary colleagues and friends, starting with understanding our history and our language, the terms we use and the pronouns we share and moving forward into how we can all show up as active allies for our trans community – as both LGBTQ+ members and allies in society.

Quantitative Marketing

More than ever, marketers are tasked with making informed, data-driven decisions to shape consumer behavior and drive results. Join us for a panel discussion on harnessing the power of quantitative techniques, including strategies to master and pitfalls to avoid.

Using Your MBA toward Social Impact

Are you interested in utilizing your MBA to create a career in social impact and want to know more about the opportunities available across different industries? Join our panelists as they discuss how they carved their path and created a fulfilling career in social impact across different industries.

10:45 am Duration 135 min

Peter K Consulting 1on1s (15 mins each)

Consulting expert Peter K will meet 1on1 with students for 15 minutes each to provide feedback on their consulting case framework presentations.

12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Funding Your Future: Securing Capital for your Startup

You developed a startup idea, refined your MVP, and launched your product, but where will you find the money to grow and sustain your company? Access to capital is a fundamental concern for any startup. Our panelists in this session will explore the myriad of ways to access capital for your startup including accelerators, grants, angel investors, and venture capital. We will also share what to keep in mind as you create your pitch deck, tell your story, and leverage your identity and the LGBTQ+ community while raising capital.

Taking Your MBA Abroad

Does working in a foreign country sound intriguing? What experience and preparation can help facilitate this path? Hear first-hand stories from professionals who have successfully navigated the world of international business and built global careers.

Picking the Right Job: How to Have “Tough Convos” as LGBTQ+ Professionals

How do you select the right job, the right company? What goes into this robust and sometimes all-consuming decision-making process? For many of us, as LGBTQ+ professionals, there are additional questions we may be asking prospective employers to determine if this is truly the best place for us. This session will provide tips on how to navigate the “tough convos” and ask questions that give insight into a company, from dress codes to benefits, from employee resource groups to Pride Month celebrations, and more. 

Identifying and Addressing Inequity in the Workplace

LGBTQ+, Women, and POC employees tend to get paid less than their white straight male counterparts. Inequities are not only costly to individuals but also to organizations and economies. How can you identify such practices in your workplace? What tools can you use to speak out about this and be part of the solution?

The Future of Data and AI in Tech

Innovation in tech is moving at an ever increasing pace. Hear from industry experts about how this innovation is being harnessed in the fields of AI, big data, and ML to drive personalization and decision-making in business.

1:15 pm Duration 90 min

Leadership Lunch & Keynote Plenary

The Leadership Lunch, sponsored by McKinsey & Company, allows attendees to connect with and learn more about their peers or companies that may have invited them to join their table for lunch. More information on program and speakers to come.

3:00 pm Duration 180 min

Career Expo

ROMBA’s pre-eminent career expo hosts 100 top companies (many of which do not visit campuses) looking to recruit LGBTQ+ MBA and graduate talent. A must for all job-seeking attendees.

3:00 pm Duration 180 min

Entrepreneurship Expert Zone

Attendees with ‘pitch ready’ new venture ideas will be paired with VC and entrepreneurial mentors to help them construct a roadmap and tackle pressing issues. Participants will not only walk away with a clearer vision for their venture, but also solid business contacts for the future. Ideally, the mentor-mentee relationship will continue beyond the conference.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Women's Reception

For anyone who identifies as a woman, we invite you to join the ROMBA Women’s Reception and meet folks from across the globe! This reception is designed to start new conversations and build connections that can continue once the ROMBA conference is over.

6:30 pm Duration 60 min

Veterans Reception

The Veterans’ Reception brings together all those who have served their country in the military to celebrate their commitment and other Veterans.

7:00 pm Duration 60 min

MBAs of Color Reception

Did you know that more than 50% of student attendees at the ROMBA Conference identify as BIPOC? This reception welcomes those of diverse backgrounds and anyone committed to diversity for a fun-filled hour of networking over complimentary beer and wine.

8:00 pm Duration 90 min

Charity Party

After a full day of learning, join us for food, drinks, and dancing at our annual Charity Party! 100% of the proceeds go directly to students’ travel & registration for Reaching Out MBA events, ensuring that all LGBTQ+ students have equal opportunities to succeed.

8:00 am Duration 360 min

Attendee Check-in

Your first stop! Check in to receive your conference badge and welcome bag.

8:00 am Duration 360 min

Interview Zone

Did you know that 60% of companies at the ROMBA Conference hold either coffee chats/informational conversations or interviews with LGBTQ+ MBAs and other grads at the event? These conversations and interviews are by invite only and many invitations are sourced from our GradLeaders jobs board — so get your resume in the database asap (hint: some companies don’t post jobs but do screen through the resumes!)

8:00 am Duration 150 min

Case Competition Preliminaries

In the 21st annual ROMBA Consulting Case Competition, sponsored by Bain & Co., students will solve for challenges of an actual small business in the DC area and present recommendations to a panel of seasoned consultants and the business owners. This competition enables participants to display their business acumen and strategic thinking. Preliminary rounds are for competing teams only.

10:00 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Pivoting into Entrepreneurship: What to Look for When Joining a Startup 

Considering making the change from corporate work to a startup? Is the grass greener on the other side? Panelists who’ve been on both sides will share differences between startup and corporate life, as well as the differences between startup company stages. This session will help you understand how to evaluate startups, compensation offers, whether the life of a startup operator is the right fit for you, and how to find startups that truly value inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community.

Closing the LGBTQ+ Health Disparities Gap

Patient compliance and outcomes have been shown to increase when healthcare providers reflect the diversity and demographics of the community they serve. This session will focus on ways in which promoting workforce diversity and improving social determinants of health make healthcare more equitable for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Authenticity as a Senior Leader

You have made it to the top for being you, so keep being your authentic self! That is sometimes more easily said than done. What is it and why is it important? What are some of the tools that we can use to show up as ourselves? In what ways can our current generation make further advancements towards senior leadership and the C-suite by keeping it real at work? Come join this discussion with a top-tier panel of LGBTQ+ senior leaders from various backgrounds and industries.

Evolution of eCommerce

With recent advancements in technology, there has been a migration away from traditional 2D retailing towards more immersive and interactive experiences transforming the space dramatically. This discussion will center on what’s leading that transformation and the opportunities this presents.

11:15 am Duration 75 min


Case Competition Finals

In the 21st annual ROMBA Consulting Case Competition, sponsored by Bain & Co., students will solve for challenges of an actual small business in the DC area and present recommendations to a panel of seasoned consultants and the business owners. This competition enables participants to display their business acumen and strategic thinking. Final round presentations are open for anyone to attend.

Start Up Pitch Competition

How good is your idea or business plan? Pitch it to a panel of judges that include the industry’s top VCs and hear feedback that will help you no matter where you fall. Win and walk away with $5,000 to help get your venture running! Both current and post-MBAs are eligible to compete.

11:15 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work: Building Queer Spaces in Traditionally “Non-Queer Friendly” Industries

You’re officially enrolled in an MBA program – congrats! But where do you go from here? What industry will be supportive of you and your goals? In this session, we’ll be joined by queer professionals from more conservative industries to help break-down how they find success in areas that have historically been associated with straight, cis individuals.

The Rocky History of Queer Representation in Mass Media

While we see are seeing more positive depictions of the LGBTQ+ community in media, the past is littered with examples of negative and stereotypical depictions of the queer community as villains, deviants, and victims. As diversity and inclusion becomes more of a focus, queer stories that until recently would have been considered out of the question are now given support and platforms to bring them to life. Join this educational exploration of how queer representation has evolved in America from the The Gay Brother (1895), Boys Don’t Cry (1999), But I’m a Cheerleader (1999),  to modern hits like Pose and Teen Wolf. 

Addressing Racial and Gender Inequality and Inequity in Business

Are you interested how to address racial and gender inequality and inequity in your own company? Often times we can all fall short in addressing racial and gender inequality and inequity in our company, even when we experience it first-hand. The truth is that most of us lack the preparation and rehearsal to successfully navigate situations where you can speak up and address racial and gender inequality. This workshop will help you develop tools to help navigate situations by giving participants a chance to rehearse potential responses to fictitious (and realistic) scenarios.

12:30 pm Duration 75 min

Regional Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Consulting Outside the Box

Careers in consulting span many firms, functions, and industry specializations. This session explores the paths available outside of traditional strategy consulting at a large consulting firm, which may include boutique consulting firms, internal corporate strategy, and more.

Becoming Your Own Boss through Career Augmentation

What is your career goal? Do you want to launch a business and be your own boss? What are some of the most prevalent and financially rewarding side hustles for MBA candidates? Knowing when and how to transition from a full-time corporate role to your own business venture is vital to success. Let’s explore how using our passions can elevate our personal brands and lead toward a fulfilling career.

2:00 pm Duration 135 min

Peter K Consulting 1on1s (15 mins each)

Consulting expert Peter K will meet 1on1 with students for 15 minutes each to provide feedback on their framework presentations.

3:15 pm Duration 60 min

ROMBA Perspectives: A Series of TED-Style Talks from the ROMBA Community

More information on program and speakers to come.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

Prospective Student Organizer Info Session

Much of Reaching Out’s content, including the ROMBA Conference, is developed by LGBTQ+ MBA students just like you! If you are interested in being on the steering committees for the 2023 ROMBA Conference in Chicago, the Out Women in Business Conference (students & alumni), or the Club Leadership Summit, come to this session to learn about the benefits, application process, and to hear from this year’s leadership teams.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Trans, Gender Non-conforming, and Non-binary Reception

Join us at this reception to gather with other trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary folks to network and build new connections!

7:00 pm Duration 60 min

Pre-dinner Reception

Kick off a celebration of everything that was ROMBA 202e with a pre-dinner libation and mingle with other guests before the Marquee dinner!

8:00 pm Duration 120 min

Marquee Dinner & Keynote

The Marquee Dinner is the grand finale of ROMBA 2022 – one more opportunity to connect with your community, learn about what Reaching Out has in store for the next year, and hear from our esteemed keynote speakers! Dinner and drinks are sponsored by our co-Underwriter Boston Consulting Group.