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Finance Trek: New York City

Date June 10-11, 2024 Location New York City, NY

Working in finance can be a lucrative career with many different paths to success. Whether the interest lies in investment banking, risk management, or one of the many other areas in finance, this trek is a great place for admitted LGBTQ+ MBAs to increase their understanding of the opportunities that one can pursue. The companies that participated in 2023 are: Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Pfizer, Guggenheim Securities, and UBS Financial Services.

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There's still so much more to learn from others, which ties into my lifelong goal of learning and sharing what I've learned. After obtaining my MBA at the end of this year, I hope to become even more involved in future ROMBA events!

Amy Bonus ROMBA Alumni

Having attended the ROMBA conference this year, I felt that everyone involved with Reaching Out was so kind, intelligent, successful, and welcoming, and I definitely want to be part of that.

Antonio Soler ROMBA Student

"The ROMBA Conference in 2017 was the first time I had seen a gathering of incredibly intelligent, motivated, and diverse leaders from the LGBT+ community, especially LBT+ people! I left feeling so motivated to be a leader in the business world."

Jasmine Hagans ROMBA Student Organizer and Alumni

Engaging in ROMBA provides an opportunity to bring your whole self to interactions with others, allowing me to be at ease and appropriately confident throughout my interviewing experience.  You will not find an opportunity to interact with an audience of this caliber at any other networking event, job fair, conference, or seminar.

Liam Bruno ROMBA Alumni

In the challenging (and seemingly never ending) period of recruiting, getting front-row exposure to employers, advice, referrals, or simply email check-ins from ROMBA gave me the needed morale boost that kept me going.

Long Nguyen ROMBA Fellow

I attended ROMBA as a panelist and a prospective MBA student. ROMBA is where I was inspired by so many people from our community that pursuing an MBA was the right next step for me. 

Soltan Bryce ROMBA Alumni

I continue to be inspired day in and day out by fellow members of the ROMBA community I am still in touch with.

Anis LaRosa ROMBA Fellow

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