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Reaching Out: Past Events

ROMBA Conference 2020

Date OCT 2&3, OCT 8-10, 2020 Location Virtual

The ROMBA conference is the world’s largest gathering of LGBT+ business students and alumni. The event educates, inspires, and connects our community through C-suite panels, workshops, competitions, a host of receptions, and a career fair with 100 corporate partners across industries recruiting LGBT+ MBA talent.

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Reaching Out runs programming year-round so you can keep building your network with students, alumni, and corporate partners.

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For me, Reaching Out MBA has consistently delivered on their goal to increase the influence of LGBT+ community in business.

Andy Varnau ROMBA Fellow

If you are a MBA student looking into joining ROMBA, I say "Do it!" I come from a program that doesn't have a burgeoning queer community, and I knew joining ROMBA and attending ROMBA that I would have that. I'm so grateful that I have friends all over the world who are open about their sexuality like I am and are really excited about business like I am.

Michael Hajjar ROMBA Student Organizer

The 2019 ROMBA Conference remains my favorite experience of business school.  I had the chance to meet Lena Waithe, one of my icons, compete in (and win!) the annual case competition with my peers from USC Marshall, and make friendships I will forever cherish. 

Kyle Scott ROMBA Fellow

In the challenging (and seemingly never ending) period of recruiting, getting front-row exposure to employers, advice, referrals, or simply email check-ins from ROMBA gave me the needed morale boost that kept me going.

Long Nguyen ROMBA Fellow

There's still so much more to learn from others, which ties into my lifelong goal of learning and sharing what I've learned. After obtaining my MBA at the end of this year, I hope to become even more involved in future ROMBA events!

Amy Bonus ROMBA Alumni

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