Oct 2&3, Oct 8-10, 2020 // Virtual Conference

ROMBA Agenda

We’ve expanded this year’s ROMBA conference to include 5 days of programming, including 2 days of Career Expo. We can’t wait to join you in our interactive panels and workshops on a variety of industry topics, inspiring plenaries and competitions in consulting cases, M&A and entrepreneurship.

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All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Welcome Session

Kick off ROMBA 2020 with reflections on the unique challenges presented by 2020 and how you can navigate the conference with these in  mind.

1:30 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Consulting: A Day in the Life

In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to break into small groups with current consultants to ask questions and hear about the ins and outs of a day on the job – and how that has changed in 2020!

Hiring for Roles in Tech

A common misconception is that a tech background is required to land a position in the tech industry. However, tech companies of all sizes are offering positions to MBAs from all backgrounds in a variety of functions including product development, strategy, and finance. In this session, you’ll hear from MBAs about the variety of roles available, skill sets best suited for these roles, and what the day-to-day entails in these positions.

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

Finance: A Day in the Life

Do you think you’re interested in a finance career, but not sure what that might look like? There are many finance paths for an MBA, and we want to talk with you about them! Join us for an interactive session and speak with finance professionals from a variety of career paths to learn about what a day in their life is like, and how you can best prepare yourself for recruiting in this space.

Careers in Healthcare

Are you looking to pursue a career in healthcare but not sure where you fit in best? Learn from a diverse range of professionals within the industry about different way to apply your skills and passion in healthcare.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

Raising Capital for your Startup

This panel discussion covers strategy and fundraising for early-stage LGBTQ entreprenuers. Panelists will discuss and answer questions such as: What differentiates successful startups from those that can’t get off the ground? How has the fundraising landscape been affected by COVID-19? Should LGBTQ entrepreneurs come out to the (potential) investors in the early stage? Come and learn the key steps to develop and fund your great idea!

Presented by:start out
4:30 pm Duration 90 min

Ace the Case Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a consultant? The case interview is an integral portion of the interview process for both the internship and full-time position. In one of our most popular sessions, experts leading the Ace the Case workshop provide frameworks and best practices to help you get a leg up and ask any and all questions so you leave prepared for your upcoming interviews.

Presented by:
6:00 pm Duration 60 min

ROMBA Fellow's Reception

This reception brings together ROMBA Fellows and the 2020 student organizing team. Our Underwriter, Diamond, and Emerald partners are also invited to join this talented group!

7:00 pm Duration 60 min

Welcome Plenary

In our first plenary session, we will host a discussion on intersectionality between the LGBT+ community and other under represented minorities, in particular African Americans. This conversation will focus on commonalities and differences in our experiences, and how to be an ally in both our professional and personal lives.

Presented by:discover
12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Quick and Fundamental Finance Technicals

Discounted cash flow analysis? Calculating the cost of equity? While concepts like these may sound scary, they are core components across all financial work. In this interactive session, we will remove the scare factor from these types of analyses. You will have the chance to quickly learn the financial concepts applicable across investment banking, corporate finance, and consulting, while also walking away with your own cheat sheet that outlines how to conduct these analyses

Deck Design: Building a Cohesive Story

Mastering deck design is fundamental to running successful presentations and meetings. Sharpen your tools in this session where experts share their insights on communicating effectively through different tones of voice, messaging styles, typeface and colors.

Pre-MBA: Choosing a Path for Your MBA

A MBA opens doors and presents many options for your future. Whether you are currently in a traditional business role, or pivoting to an entirely new career, learn what outcomes are possible with an MBA, and some potential careers that could be awaiting you on the other side!

1:30 pm Duration 60 min

Streaming the Future

From Netflix, to Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple Music, we all have experienced the wonder and convenience of streaming. However, with this constantly evolving landscape, what does its future hold? How can the platform be more inclusive of all queer voices? Learn from queer experts in the entertainment and media industries on what the potential market holds and how to remain competitive.

Business Consulting Across Industries

This panel will feature consultants across specializations telling stories about their careers as internal consultants in a variety of industries. The aim of the session is to provide you with a broad overview of different types of careers in consulting.

Pre-MBA: Crafting Your Story in an Application

You’ve decided to apply for a MBA, but now it’s time to actually put pen to paper and submit an application. In this session you will learn valuable insights from B-school admissions officers on how to stand out in your application and to tell your compelling personal journey to B-school. Answer all your questions from “What is a “good” GMAT score?” to “How has the application process changed in the post-Coronavirus world?”. Don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from admissions officers from top b-schools around the country!

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

OWIB #1: Leadership as a Woman in 2020

Join us for a cross-generational discussion on how opportunities for LBT+ women in business have changed over time, across industries and cultures. You’ll learn how women have overcome obstacles to succeed and what is at stake as the scope of women’s rights in the workplace has expanded to include non-binary and trans employees.

Presented by:McKinsey & Co.

Non-traditional Paths for Your MBA

Hear from professionals who took the road less traveled in achieving their MBA, and those who have applied their degree to less traditional career paths.

Presented by:discover

Pre-MBA: Group Meetings #1

Pre-MBAs will have time to connect with a variety of schools to learn more about the different programs, admission requirements, and get to know some of the admissions staff.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

Tech 101: Walk the Talk and Rock Your Tech Interview

Product Interviews for tech roles can be daunting, especially without a technical background. However, many MBAs with non-tech backgrounds succeed during the interview process to ultimately work in a product role. This session provides a taste for what to expect during a product interview by going through a case study from the vantage point of a product marketer and a product manager.

Pre-MBA Group Meetings #2

Pre-MBAs will have time to connect with a variety of schools to learn more about the different programs, admission requirements, and get to know some of the admissions staff.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

People of Color Reception

The People of Color reception celebrates the diversity of our attendees and welcomes those of diverse backgrounds and anyone committed to diversity within the LGBT+ community for a fun-filled hour of networking.

Presented by:KPMG
12:00 pm Duration 150 min

Career Expo

ROMBA’s preeminent career expo hosts close to 100 top companies (many of which do not visit campuses) looking to recruit LGBT+ MBA and graduate talent. A must for all job-seeking attendees.

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

GAY-mer: Leveling Up to a Corporate Gaming Career

The gaming industry’s continued explosive growth is starting to provide large scale opportunities for MBAs. Find out how the industry’s demographic reach is growing, how it’s melding with film and other media, and how you can be part of the next wave of the gaming business.

The Rise of Telemedicine in the Time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended every part of life including going to the doctor or seeing a therapist. Luckily technology has provided a solution – getting treatment virtually from the VA to Silicon Valley start-ups. Telemedicine has been transformed into a once novel idea to the viable alternative to precious time wasted in transit to see a medical professional. With healthcare cost projected to skyrocket in coming years, what else is on the horizon?

FinTech: The Next Decade of Disruption and Innovation

The Fintech industry continues to grow its foothold and disrupt several sectors across the global economy. From the evolution of cryptocurrency and the emergence of mobile applications that lower the cost and barrier to investing, Fintech is reshaping finance. And with increasingly autonomous finance, the human aspect of this industry is also shifting. This session will explore these the trends in in Fintech, how this industry is changing the world, and, specifically, what the role of business professionals and MBAs will be in the coming decade.

Presented by:Wells Fargo
4:30 pm Duration 60 min

Facing Challenges Head On: How to Build Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the world, upending peoples’ notion of who they were. When faced with personal, professional, or global crisis, research shows that those with greater resiliency are much more likely to move past their challenges and be successful. In this session, you will learn strategies to develop your own resiliency skills and how to apply these skills to face down any personal or professional challenge.

Big Data and the New Digital Capitalism

Your personal data is a goldmine. Smart devices collecting biometric trends, phone systems correlating internet searches, GPS-verified real-life behavior can be harnessed. What implications does this massive data collection have on business and you personally? With the rules and ethics on personal information changing constantly, what does this mean for information security and individual privacy?

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Veteran's Reception

The Veteran’s Reception brings together all those who have served their country in the military to celebrate their commitment and other veterans.

Presented by:
7:00 pm Duration 90 min

Plenary Session

Description coming soon

Presented by:McKinsey & Co.
12:00 pm Duration 150 min

Career Expo (includes Entrepreneurship Expert Zone)

ROMBA’s preeminent career expo hosts close to 100 top companies (many of which do not visit campuses) looking to recruit LGBT+ MBA and graduate talent. A must for all job-seeking attendees.

3:00 pm Duration 60 min

The Human Centered Design Toolkit

Have you heard the terms Design Thinking or Human-Centered Design, but are not sure what they mean? Design Thinking is a philosophy and a set of tools being used broadly — from IBM and GE to the US Department of Veterans Affairs — to better understand customer needs, improve services, and create competitive advantage. In the last decade, many of the world’s largest consulting firms have acquired major design service firms to bolster these capabilities. In this workshop, facilitators from across different industries and roles will discuss how they use Design Thinking in their daily work, and lead breakout sessions to teach some basic Design Thinking tools that participants can apply in their own careers.

Presented by:start out

OWIB #2: The Power of Self-Motivation

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, working remotely and being isolated from our teams. This session explores different ways to leverage your resources to self-motivate while sheltering in place. How do you push yourself in this new “stay at home” paradigm? When you have less access to allies in the workplace? How do you continue to make your presence in the workplace felt? Explore with us as we equip you with the tools to take charge and drive your own success.

Presented by:McKinsey & Co.

Quantitative Marketing, Data Visualization and Storytelling

Marketers are under increasing pressure to make data-driven decisions that shape consumer behavior and drive results with a finite amount of resources. Join our marketing experts as they share best practices for gathering data, conducting marketing experiments, and creating data visualizations to make the right decisions.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

OWIB #3 Sorry Not Sorry: Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

Studies show that women, on average, say sorry more often than men and internalize blame more often. This session is a discussion on self-advocacy in the workplace – how do we as women stand firm for our rights in a society that brands us for being bold?

Presented by:McKinsey & Co.

Business in the Age of Climate Change

Climate change is an existential threat for societies and business that disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, including the LGBT+ community. This panel discussion brings together business leaders who are implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies to discuss the challenges businesses are facing around energy, supply chains, and healthcare. We will also cover innovation opportunities that climate change presents, and how the business community can continue to lead on this issue.

Wellbeing at Work

Your wellbeing not only effects you, but your coworkers, family, and friends. This presentation provides you with insights on how you can promote your personal wellbeing, prevent burnout, and flourish at work and in life. You will learn simple daily rituals to help you create and sustain wellbeing.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Women's Reception

Meet and connect with other women, femmes, and nonbinary folks at the ROMBA Women’s Reception. On the heels of two OWIB sessions, this mixer is designed to build life-long connections in your LBT+ network.

7:00 pm Duration 90 min

LGBT+ MBA Perspectives: A Series of TED-style Talks from Alumni

Both students and professionals at ROMBA come from all walks of life and bring with them a myriad of experiences. This plenary, delivered in short-form TED-style talks, taps into a few of the stories, life lessons, and amazing experiences across our community.

Presented by:Deloitte
11:30 am Duration 150 min

Consulting Case Competition Preliminaries

In the 18th annual ROMBA Consulting Case Competition, students will analyze a business situation and present recommendations to a panel of seasoned consultants from various consulting firms. This case will allow participants to test and display their business acumen and strategic thinking.

Presented by:Bain & Company
11:30 am Duration 90 min

Mergers & Acquisitions Competition

The 6th annual M&A Case Competition provides MBA student teams with the opportunity to experience the role of investment brokers in a mergers & acquisitions scenario. Teams will demonstrate their financial and strategic skills before a prestigious panel of judges hailing from top banks.

Presented by:credit suisse

Start Up Pitch Competition

How strong is your idea or business plan? Pitch it to a panel of judges that include the industry’s top VCs and get some valuable feedback, that could include $5,000 to help get your venture up and running! Both LGBT+ MBA/graduate students and alumni/professionals are eligible to compete.

Presented by:start out
12:00 pm Duration 60 min

Using Your MBA toward Social Impact/BODs and Nonprofit Impact

The majority of a MBA education is centered around for-profit institutions. But people are increasingly invested in giving back and supporting their communities. How can you, as an MBA, utilize your education and experience to increase your impact on causes you care about? This panel will highlight various ways that MBAs are involved with nonprofits – as full-time jobs, serving on boards, leading corporate social responsibility efforts, and how their MBAs help make them valuable, impactful members of their organizations.

Job Search in a Bear Market

Being out of work in the middle of an economic downturn can be a terrifying and daunting experience. This session focuses on actionable strategies to help leverage your network, prepare for an interview, stand out, and land a job when employers may not be hiring many new employees.

1:30 pm Duration 60 min

Marketing with Meaning: How Brands Connect in 2020

2020 has presented several unique challenges for society as a whole. COVID-19 and the renewed fight against anti-racism have demanded integrity and agility like never before. In the midst of turmoil, many brands are leading the fight by taking social impact-centered actions that resonate with their audiences. In this session, we’ll hear from those who have tackled these difficult issues to help their communities while also elevating their brands.

Presented by:discover

LGBT+ History and the Role of URM Advocacy

More than ever, it’s important to have a solid understanding of LGBT+ history and how it has shaped the world we live in today. This year, we will focus on the importance of diversity in the LGBT+ movement and how people of color continue to be marginalized since the LGBT+ movement utilized many of the same actions and tactics as African-American Civil Rights, Anti-War, Women’s, and other progressive movements.

2:45 pm Duration 75 min

Consulting Case Competition Finals

This is it, the finalists gather for one more opportunity to impress the judges and walk away with the prize! The top three teams will earn checks for $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000! Make sure to register your team on the competitions page!

Presented by:Bain & Company
3:00 pm Duration 60 min

LGBT+ Abroad: Building a Global Career

Working overseas can open you up to new experiences both personally and professionally, and is a great way to set yourself apart from others. Whether you’re considering a career or a short-term assignment overseas, hear from those who have already taken the leap! They’ll answer you questions and discuss how they navigated being LGBT+ in work and life abroad while remaining true to themselves. We’ll also discuss how you can stay top of mind with those in the home office and position your time abroad for maximum professional effect.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence, or “EQ,” is one of the most cited skills necessary to be a successful leader. It is also one of the most misunderstood phrase in the business lexicon. This session will focus on defining Emotional Intelligence, outlining its importance for good leadership, and helping you grow your personal emotional intelligence.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

Crossroads of Identity: Race, Faith, Age, Citizenship

As workplaces continue to craft policies on equity, diversity, and inclusion, they mostly follow the ERG framework. However, ERGs can feel siloed and not reflective of the experiences of those with intersecting identities. This panel will discuss how organizations can fully support intersectionally-identified queer people, work across groups and encourage more informal allyship.

Managing Complexity

A leader is often called to make decisions in highly complex or ambiguous situations. What skills, practices, and tools can we use to manage complexity and be better decision-makers in difficult situations?

5:30 pm Duration 60 min

Student Organizer Meeting

Much of Reaching Out’s content, including the ROMBA Conference, is developed by LGBT+ MBA students and alumni in our community just like you! If you are interested in being on the steering committees for the 2021 ROMBA Conference, Out Women in Business Conference (students & alumni), or the Student Leadership Summit (students only), come to this session to hear from this year’s leadership team.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Alumni Reception

Join the growing number of ROMBA alumni (i.e. post-MBA professionals) for a networking hour where you can jump in and out of a range of conversations.

Presented by:Federal Reserve System
7:00 pm Duration 90 min

BCG Plenary including Competition Winners

Description coming soon

Presented by:bcg