October 5-7, 2023 // Chicago, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for answers to many frequently asked questions regarding this year’s conference.

General FAQs

When and where is this year's ROMBA Conference?

The 2023 ROMBA Conference will take place October 5-7, 2023 at the Hilton Chicago located at 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.

What is the ROMBA 2023 Conference format? Will there be virtual components?

The ROMBA Conference will take place in person on October 5-7, 2023 in Chicago, IL.

This year, we are not hosting any virtual programming for the ROMBA conference. We have a robust library of virtual content from previous years on Reaching Out Connect.

What is the cost to attend the conference?

We have three ticket categories set at various price points, with price increases happening in September. You can find more information about our ticket prices in the table below.

Early Bird Pricing
(until September 4)
Regular Pricing

(until September 27)

Last Minute Pricing
Current Students $200 $250 $350
Professionals $250 $350 $500
Corporate Partners $750 $850 $1000

When and where will the Career Expo take place?

This year the Career Expo will take place on Friday, October 6 from 2:15-6:15PM on site at the ROMBA Conference. Companies must be an active partner to participate in the Expo. Packages start at $10,000. There will not be a virtual Career Expo this year.

What’s new this year?

We are excited to host a revamped conference this year! Based on previous feedback we’ve received from conference attendees, we are holding fewer sessions in order for there to be more informal networking opportunities at the conference. To help facilitate this, we are introducing a Networking Lounge, sponsored by 3M, that will serve as a place to gather in between sessions for informal networking.

Additionally, we created a Wellness track at the conference that is focused on your physical and mental wellbeing. This group of sessions and workshops will give you the tools you need to make self-care a priority at the conference and beyond. 

Lastly, we are extending the Career Expo this year so you have 4 hours to meet with our corporate partners and learn about career opportunities. The Career Expo will take place on Friday, October 6 from 2:15-6:15 PM.

What meals will be provided to attendees during the conference?

Meals will be available on Friday during the Breakfast and Lunch Plenaries, and at the Saturday Night Keynote Dinner. Seating is limited, and meal service will be available at the published times in the conference agenda. 

Will there be Post-MBA specific content at this year’s conference?

Yes, we will be running several Post-MBA continuing education sessions during the conference. Session content and timing are listed on the conference agenda.

I can no longer attend the conference and I need to cancel my registration. What should I do?

Ticket refunds, minus the processing fee, will be available by request (at info@reachingoutmba.org) until September 1, 2023. Please include REFUND REQUEST as the email title.

After that, any canceled/forfeited fees will be considered a donation to the ongoing work of Reaching Out MBA.

What are ROMBA's current health and safety protocols?

For information on our current health & safety policies, please visit this page.

How can my company learn more about partnership opportunities?

You can learn more about corporate partnership opportunities on our Become a Partner page.

Can allies attend the ROMBA Conference?

ROMBA welcomes the support and engagement of LGBTQ+ allies!  We as a community must remain steadfast in advocating for our LGBTQ+ peers as well as calling on allies to support programs and opportunities that create welcoming spaces for LGBTQ+ MBA students and professionals. We invite allies to attend our events, sponsor our programs, and support our Board of Directors.

The recruiting aspects of the ROMBA conference are exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community. However, if someone has demonstrated that they are truly a strong and active ally and they really wish to join the other aspects of the conference, panels, receptions, etc., we do allow for that. Allies wishing to attend should reach out to the club leadership of their LGBTQ+ MBA club to request a registration code. Clubs may ask additional questions about the student’s allyship activities.

What is the conference attire?

The recommended ROMBA Conference attire is “business casual authentic” – you are welcome to wear whatever business casual clothing is the most authentic to your identity. Jeans are fine and suits/blazers certainly aren’t required. Most people tend to dress a bit more formally for the Saturday Night Marquee Dinner & Keynote, as it is the culmination of the conference.

Current MBA FAQs

How do I get a password to register?

Leaders of each of the business schools’ affiliate LGBTQ+ clubs have been issued a registration password to access registration. If you attend a school on this list, please contact your club leadership for the registration password. If you need introductions, email info@reachingoutmba.org for a request. 

If your school does not have an LGBTQ+ club, fill out this form requesting an individual registration password.

Is there financial assistance to help with travel for current students?

As of September  8, we have awarded all of the funding allocated to the James Robertson Student Access Fund. While we are no longer accepting applications to the Student Access Fund, we would like to share this support letter with your school’s administration to seek financial support for the conference.

Can students in programs other than the MBA attend?

While this conference is designed by LGBTQ+ MBA students for LGBTQ+ MBA students, we welcome LGBTQ+ graduate students in other programs to attend. Students in other programs should fill out this form to request an individual registration password.

How do I get an interview or coffee chat?

Corporate Partners will post job opportunities and pre-screen resumes for interviews on the Reaching Out Career Portal this summer. Your best chance for interviews is to make sure your information is up to date when companies begin searching.

Visit the Reaching Out Career Portal as soon as you register by following the link in your registration confirmation email. The Reaching Out Career Portal is where you can access our job board, upload your current resume, and apply for current jobs. This is also how employers will learn more about you.

Do I have to post my resume in advance?

No, but we highly recommend you post it as soon as possible if you are seeking a job or internship. Recruiters will be looking at candidates all summer. The later you post a resume, the less likely it is you’ll be able to pre-schedule interviews or coffee chats.

Without posting your resume, employers will not be able to find you to offer pre-scheduled interviews. We highly recommend posting your resume or curriculum vitae as soon as possible.

Will competitions take place this year?

Yes. ROMBA competitions allow students and alumni to showcase their business acumen and compete for cash awards. More information regarding the 2023 competitions will be shared later this summer! You can read here for information on the 2022 competitions.