ROMBA Fellows represent the best and brightest in future LGBTQ+ business leadership.

The ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship is a joint effort between prominent business school programs and Reaching Out to develop the out LGBTQ+ business leaders of tomorrow. Each Fellow receives a minimum $20,000 scholarship and access to exclusive leadership programming, including a retreat to kick off the Fellowship.


Express Interest in the ROMBA Fellowship

Let us know if you’re interested in applying for the ROMBA Fellowship. We send monthly reports to all member schools letting them know of your interest.

If you’d like more information before submitting your details, email us and we’d be happy to answers your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the fellowship process work?

  • Student lets Reaching Out know they are interested in applying for the Fellowship, and at which schools.
  • Reaching Out shares interest list with Fellowship schools.
  • Student receives offer of admission and of Fellowship directly from school.
  • Student selects school of choice.
  • Upon student’s confirmation, school notifies Reaching Out of its selected Fellow.

How can I identify as a potential LGBTQ+ MBA fellowship candidate on applications?

  • Many MBA Programs allow students to self-identify as LGBTQ+
  • Demonstrate LGBTQ+ leadership roles on your resume
  • Express interest in business schools’ on-campus LGBTQ+ Clubs (we can help connect you)
  • Share your LGBTQ+ leadership experiences in your application essays

How do I fill out an application?

Each participating school is responsible for identifying and selecting its Reaching Out LGBTQ+ Fellows; there is no application form that Reaching Out manages that is specific to the Fellowship.

However, please leverage Reaching Out to connect you with schools’ appropriate admissions contacts and LGBTQ+ on-campus clubs so you can express your interest in the Fellowship.

What are the expectations of Fellows?

  • Serve as an ambassador to the LGBTQ+ community on campus
  • Take an active role on campus with LGBTQ+ initiatives
  • Help admissions identify future candidates for the Fellowship
  • Get involved in and help promote Reaching Out programming and events within your scholastic and personal networks.

What benefits do ROMBA Fellows receive?

  • Monetary Scholarship (school dependent, minimum $20,000 USD)
    • Additional event stipends available through James Robertson LGBTQ+ Student Access Fund
  • Exclusive¬†FellowshipRetreat for Incoming Fellows
    • Opportunity to network with cohort of 100+ Fellows, alumni, club leaders, and corporate partners
    • City Tours
    • Presentation on Reaching Out and¬†FellowshipBenefits
    • LGBTQ+ Leadership Development Workshop led by Reaching Out
    • Hotel accommodations provided by ROMBA
  • Profiles Highlighted on ROMBA Website
  • Free Admission to all ROMBA events during MBA
    • FellowshipRetreat (July)
    • ROMBA Conference (September/October)
    • Out Women in Business Conference (March)
    • Club Leadership Summit (April)
  • Additional Resume Book Exposure for ROMBA
    • A Fellows Resume book is compiled for top corporate partners at ROMBA so that they can be contacted for job/internship opportunities.
    • Receive additional exposure to companies that can be added to their applicant file.
  • Priority Consideration for Organizing Team Leadership Opportunities
    • ROMBA Team
    • Club Leadership Summit Team
    • Out Women in Business Conference Team
  • Leadership/Professional Development
    • Webinars
    • Regional Events
    • Informal Mentoring
      • Job and Internship Placement
      • Transition to Business School