Pre-MBA Admissions Summit

A virtual summit for LGBTQ+ prospective MBAs

Virtual // September 8, 2022

Pre-MBA Admissions Summit Details

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community and thinking about pursuing an MBA? Join us for ROMBA’s virtual Pre-MBA Admissions Summit and Expo on Thursday, September 8, 2022. The summit includes a networking session with current LGBTQ+ MBA students, panels with school admissions officers, and a Business School Expo with 70+ MBA programs. All participating schools are members of the Reaching Out LGBTQ+ MBA Fellowship, a global LGBTQ+ scholarship and leadership development collaboration between Reaching Out and top international business schools.

Please note that the summit will take place virtually on September 8, 2022, as a separate event from the in-person ROMBA conference.

ROMBA 2022 Virtual Pre-MBA Admissions Summit Agenda (All times in EST)

11:30 am Duration 30 min

ROMBA Welcome

Join us for a quick welcome session where you’ll learn more about Reaching Out MBA and what to expect during the Pre-MBA Admissions Summit.

12:00 pm Duration 50 min

Finding Your Fit

Once you decide to pursue an MBA, your options seem endless. Knowing your values from the beginning will cut through the noise and help you succeed on your journey. This is a guided session where we will read beyond the rankings to evaluate what program is the right fit for your values, profile, and desired outcomes from your education.

1:00 pm Duration 50 min

Day in the Life: The MBA Student

There is plenty of discussion about MBA prep and life after business school, but what about life as an MBA student? At this session, hear from a panel of MBA students and alumni about their life in business school. From first-year orientation when you meet your cohort and core team all the way to graduation, learn what goes on in between these moments.
2:00 pm Duration 120 min

Business School Expo

This is an opportunity for those considering an MBA to meet with representatives from more than 70 top business schools in our Fellowship program. Find out about different programs you’re interested in, and get one step closer to finding your perfect fit!

ROMBA Office Hours

For any Pre-MBAs that have general questions about Reaching Out, the Fellowship Program, or how to tap into the LGBTQ+ business network, drop-in to our open session where ROMBA staff will be available to assist you.

4:00 pm Duration 50 min

MBA Affinity Groups; How to Embrace Your Identity during the MBA journey

While progress has been made, business school is still predominately cis-male hetero environment.

As a member of the LGBT+ community, what support systems exist in business school that will help you thrive as a person and MBA student? Additionally, outside of the university, how can students make the most out of affinity groups such as ROMBA, MLT, Consortium, and others?


5:00 pm Duration 50 min

The Valuable Non-traditional Student

Are you interested in pursuing an MBA, but worried that your non-traditional background will be seen with confusion or a raised eyebrow? No need to worry! Business schools worldwide are always seeking students with backgrounds in the humanities, liberal arts, or sports, among other fields. In a time where interdisciplinary thinking is vital for success, how can students with these nontraditional backgrounds leverage their past for future success? What kind of value do students from these backgrounds bring to the MBA experience and beyond? Finally, what challenges come with such a switch into this new environment?

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Current & Pre-MBA Networking

In this open format session, Pre-MBAs can connect with current MBAs to learn how they selected their shortlist of programs, navigated the application process, and experience business school as an LGBTQ+ student.