September 26-28, 2024 // Los Angeles, CA

ROMBA 2021 Agenda: Post-MBA Alumni (All times in CT)

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Queer Leadership & Influencing Cultural Change

Join us for an interactive conversation about the complexities of being out at work and the power of influencing change in your company or community through existing authentically.

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Resign or Redesign

If you feel like your career momentum has slowed, you may be wondering If it’s time to change jobs. Maybe you’re bored in your current job and ready for a new challenge, but are you better off calling it quits — or working with your current employer to redesign your role? Explore how to move forward in your career without losing the network and institutional knowledge you’ve gained during your employment.

3:15 pm Duration 90 min

Rock Your Profile: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

During the Rock Your Profile Workshop, we will:
-Discuss the power leveraging LinkedIn for networking and finding opportunities in education
-Distinguish the differences between your resume and your LinkedIn Profile (and why optimizing both matters)
-Discover 10 key effective ways to optimizing your LinkedIn Profile and what recruiters see on their end
-Debrief by walking through selected LinkedIn profiles during a Live Coaching session

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Advancing Your Career Through Active Sponsorship

Do you have a lot of professional relationships and mentors but still having trouble advancing your career? Sometimes mentorship is not enough. Active sponsorship is key and is a reciprocal relationship. Let’s discuss what active sponsorship looks like and how to find a great sponsor.

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Pitching Innovative Ideas with Clarity, Strength and Style

Whether you are an entrepreneur or executive, you will find that you are constantly pitching yourself, your ideas, your services, or your recommendations. Join this interactive session where you will learn proven strategies of what to do before, during, and after a pitch…particularly tailored to our community. Led by JD Schramm a longtime contributor to ROMBA well known to his former students from Stanford, NYU Stern, and Columbia. Schramm is the author of Communicating with Mastery and will be sharing from a chapter he’s just published in Thriving in Business: a guide for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur.