ROMBA 2021
October 7-9, 2021 // Austin, TX

ROMBA 2021 Agenda

3:30 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Let's Connect At ROMBA

Make the most out of ROMBA! Past attendees share how they landed an internship, a job, and made valuable connections. Get pro tips on growing your professional network, refining job targets, and maximizing your interactions with recruiters.

Road to Consulting: An Essential Guide to Recruiting for Consulting through ROMBA

A must-attend for those recruiting for consulting! This session will provide a roadmap to early recruiting that will serve you well during the conference and beyond. Consultants explain what management consulting really is, the types of work they do, and an overview of the recruiting process including case interview prep and networking. You’ll leave with a foundational understanding of the recruiting process, tips & tricks to using ROMBA to your advantage, as well as resources for on-campus and independent recruiting efforts.

4:45 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Advice for Career Switchers

How do you apply your previous work experience and transferable skills toward a new career path? Hear from those who’ve navigated successfully from finance to consulting, from marketing to tech – and how you can do the same!

Fine-tuning your Technical skills: Investment Banking

If you’re pursuing a career in investment banking, there’s one component of the interview process that you’re dreading the most – the TECHNICAL interview. Fine-tune your technical interviewing skills by learning how to apply the competencies you’ve acquired in class to clearly and succinctly answer the most common first-round technical interview questions in a manner that is satisfactory to experienced investment bankers.

4:45 pm Duration 90 min

Ace the Case Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a consultant? The case interview is an integral portion of the interview process for both the internship and full-time position. In one of our most popular sessions, experts leading the Ace the Case workshop provide frameworks and best practices to help you get a leg up and ask any and all questions so you leave prepared for your upcoming interviews.

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6:00 pm Duration 60 min

ROMBA Fellows Reception

This reception brings together all current ROMBA Fellows and Conference organizers. Our Underwriter, Diamond, and Emerald partners are also invited to join this talented group!

7:30 pm Duration 90 min

Welcome Reception

Raise a glass and have a bite with your other ROMBA attendees at our Welcome Reception. This will take place at a fabulous Austin venue within a short walk from the host hotel. More details to come.

8:30 am Duration 75 min

Plenary Breakfast

Kick off the first full day of the ROMBA Conference with a hearty breakfast and a panel led by ROMBA Fellows. More details to follow.

10:00 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Day in the Life: Consulting

You’ll have the chance to break into small groups with current consultants to ask questions and hear about the ins and outs of a day on the job – and how that has changed in 2021!

Managing the Vaccine Rollout

Learn about what it really took to coordinate the historical distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. How is supply management for healthcare interventions/products different than other industries? Join this case analysis to learn how one of the most relevant operations of the moment was managed.

Renewable Energy and Corporate Environmentalism

Renewable Energy is a growing industry alongside Corporate Social Responsibility. Clean energy demand continues to accelerate with government incentives and new startups in the field. This session will focus on trends in the renewable energy industry, how companies are including environmentalism into their CSR goals, and the government’s role in scaling up the industry.

11:15 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Day in the Life: Finance

Learn about the variety of finance careers available to meeting with professionals that span the industry including investment banking, corporate finance, and risk management.

Data in Marketing

Marketers are under increasing pressure to make data-driven decisions that shape consumer behavior and drive results with a finite amount of resources. Join our marketing experts as they share best practices for gathering data, conducting marketing experiments, and creating data visualizations to make the right decisions.

Telehealth, AI, and Automatization in Healthcare

This session confronts the future of the healthcare system with the introduction of new technologies powered by AI. Telehealth, Mobile Health, and Digital Health strategies take the stage in this session that will allow you to explore how the healthcare industry is being revolutionized inside-out.

Trans* Issues in the Business Community

Despite incredible progress in the adoption of workplace policies and benefits, transgender and nonbinary people face barriers to full inclusion at work as well as society at large. A sharp increase in anti-transgender legislation in the U.S. is reflective of the bias and discrimination this community continues to face. This session will explore challenges faced by the transgender and nonbinary communities at work and provide tools to better support and advocate for trans* and gender-diverse people. From team cohesion to ensuring an inclusive work environment, learn how to leverage your MBA skills to support these communities.

12:30 pm Duration 75 min

Plenary Lunch

The Plenary Lunch is a great opportunity to refuel and connect with corporate partners and MBAs.

More details to follow.

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2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Day in the Life: Tech

This session explores the wide range of career opportunities in technology, based on the insights and experience of professionals across the industry. Join us for an overview of roles, companies, and resources available to those exploring careers in technology and see what an average day in the life could look like!

Non-Traditional Paths for MBAs

Hear from professionals who took the road less traveled in achieving their MBA, and those who have applied their degree to less traditional career paths.

Start Your Startup

Transforming an idea into a viable company requires dedication and grit. Gain insight on essential startup topics from our brilliant panel of entrepreneurs. Topics include 1. Accessing resources from MBA programs; 2. Leveraging your community; 3. Funding options; 4. Success & flop stories.

Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chains

Global supply chains have been devastated by COVID-19 and worldwide economic shutdowns. This session looks at what roles should the Operations function and social impact organizations play in rebuilding and strengthening supply chains in environmentally sustainable and resilient ways.

3:15 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

A Day in the life: Healthcare

The healthcare industry is increasingly diverse, offering a range of opportunities for MBAs from pharmaceuticals to providers. Join our roundtable to meet people working across the industry and learn where you might find your fit!

Trends in FinTech and Crypto Currency

The Fintech industry continues to grow its foothold and disrupt several sectors across the global economy. From the evolution of cryptocurrency and the emergence of mobile applications that lower the cost and barrier to investing, Fintech is reshaping finance. And with increasingly autonomous finance, the human aspect of this industry is also shifting. This session will explore these trends in Fintech, how this industry is changing the world, and, specifically, what the role of business professionals and MBAs will be in the coming decade.

Women in male-dominated industries

What happens when you are the only woman on the team? Hear about the experiences and challenges of a diverse group of women working in occupations and industries where they are in the minority.

Design Consulting 101

Learn what awaits you in a career at the nexus of consulting & design–and why companies increasingly hire design consulting firms to deliver novel ideas. Our panel of design consultants share on the value of unique insights, ideas, and human-centered design.

4:30 pm Duration min

Breakout Sessions

Day in the Life of a Product Marketing Manager

Find out what it means to be a Product Marketing Manager (PMM). In this session, you’ll hear from PMMs across industries and organizations and learn what cores skills drive success in these roles.

Beyond the Binary

How can you support those who live outside of the gender binary? What is the difference between gender expression and gender identity? How do you refer to someone who uses two or more pronouns? Gender-neutral language, clothing, and everything in between will be discussed in this session that will shed light on how one can navigate the fluidity of identifying as neither male or female.

Using Your MBA toward Social Impact

How can you, as an MBA, utilize your education and experience to increase your impact on causes you care about? This panel will highlight various ways that MBAs are involved with nonprofits – as full-time jobs, serving on boards, leading corporate social responsibility efforts, and how their MBAs help make them valuable, impactful members of their organizations.

Business Analytics: Storytelling through Data

How do you tell a story with data? Learn effective storytelling techniques combined with best use scenarios for data and visuals, providing a deeper understanding for data usage and business analytics to drive innovation.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

Women's Reception

For anyone who identifies as a woman, we invite you to join the Women’s Reception and meet folks from across the globe! Whether you’re talking about careers, special interests, or pop culture, this is a great time to connect with others IRL and start conversations that can be continued once the conference is over.

Veterans Reception

The Veterans Reception brings together all who’ve served their country in the military to celebrate their commitment and other Veterans.

8:15 pm Duration 75 min

Charity Party

After a full day of learning, join us for food, drinks, and dancing at our annual ROMBA Student Access Fund Charity Party! 100% of the ticket sales go to stipends for LGBT+ student travel and accommodation, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to attend ROMBA events throughout the year.

10:15 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Game Stopped the Markets

A high-level overview of the stock market and investments including risk appetite, investment options, and controls. The topic will tie into the short squeeze frenzies that Gamestop and Koss Company faced in early 2021, how SPACS have changed the way companies go public, and how investors predict impending stock market crashes and corrections.

So you want to start an ERG...

Employee Resource Groups are becoming a mainstay in large organizations to provide employees with identify affirmation, resources, space, and support towards a goal. This session will provide tools and strategies to create successful ERGs at any organization, regardless of size or industry, and to then scale up to become transformational through intersectional activities and advocacy.

11:30 am Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Queer Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt you are not queer enough? Can you be part of the LGBT+ community if you are part of a heteronormative relationship? Imposter syndrome for LGBT+ identified people is often less about achievement and more about community.

Taking the Leap from 9-to-5 to Startup

Considering a change from corporate life to a startup, or the other way around? Is the grass greener on the other side? Join our panelists, who’ve been on both sides, to learn about the key differences between startup and corporate life. The Q&A format strives to expose insights on the following topics: 1. How to judge the quality of startup employment offers; 2. Work-life balance; 3. Contrasting startup roles against those at established firms; 4. Addressing the cliches of both work environments; 5. What kind of person might really strive in a startup environment.

AI and the Future of Work: Where do we stand?

Recent advancements in AI have revolutionized the working world. Coupled with the need to innovate the workplace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of work is quickly changing. How are companies integrating AI into their everyday operations and where do humans stand? How is AI shaping the future of work? What is on the horizon for human innovation? This session will answer many of these key questions as we explore AI’s impact on the workplace of the future.

12:30 pm Duration 75 min

Networking Lunch

This casual lunch is organized by regions, giving attendees an opportunity to get to know others from other B-Schools in their neck of the woods. 

2:00 pm Duration 60 min

Breakout Sessions

Dignified Representation

In this session, we will explore opportunities and pitfalls in representing diverse groups of people in marketing communications and campaigns. What are the best practices in celebrating diversity in ways that are healthy and ethical, without misrepresenting any group?

LGBT+ History

Session details to be come.

3:15 pm Duration 60 min

Globetrotters, Inc.

Does working in a foreign country for a global company sound intriguing? What types of experiences can help facilitate this path? Hear first-hand stories from professionals who have successfully navigated the world of international business and built global careers. Topics such as cultural differences, language proficiencies, international laws, and other global business challenges will be covered.

4:30 pm Duration 60 min

ROMBA Perspectives

Join us for three compelling talks with ROMBA students and alumni who will share their personal experiences and perspectives on a variety of topics.

ROMBA Competition winners will also be announced!

Presented by:Deloitte
5:30 pm Duration 60 min

Trans* and Nonbinary Communities Reception

Details forthcoming.

6:00 pm Duration 60 min

MBAs of Color Reception

Did you know that more than half of ROMBA student attendees identify as persons of color? This reception celebrates the growing diversity of our conference and welcomes those of diverse backgrounds and anyone committed to increasing diversity in the LGBT+ and business communities.

7:00 pm Duration 60 min

Pre-Marquee Dinner Reception

Celebrate the final night of ROMBA 2021 with a libation as we get ready for dinner and to welcome our keynote speaker to the stage!

8:00 pm Duration 90 min

Marquee Dinner

The grand finale of the conference- join us for dinner, drinks, and an inspiring session with this year’s celebrity keynote… who will be announced over the summer!

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